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Our way of training

We here at Kyno World believe in the positive way of training. Sadly you sometimes still hear about trainers working with the "Alpha Dog" Theory, although this has been debunked and even confirmed by the original writer of the theory. In this theory they found out that dogs would always try to master you and try to be the leader. Later studies showed that instead of mastering dogs (and originally wolfs) live as a familly where the strongest and most prominet one would protect and help the weekest. There are even studys where we see the father let the yougest and weekest pup win just to give him the confident to go on. How cool is that? Then you might ask yourself; Were does the "Alpha Dog" Theory came from? Well, Schenkel's originally made his theory in 1947 when he watched wolfs in a captivity were they were trying to become the alpha in this new created Pack.

Clicker Training

Just as a lot of modern dog trainers we here at Kyno World also rely on clicker training. If you have never heard of this check out our video about this subject here.