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We want to introduce you to our crew. At Kyno World we are always looking for people to join our crew and help us in any way. Please contact us if you are interested to help or join us.
KynoCrew || Jasper F. Lok

Jasper F. Lok


Owner and Trainer


25-09 1992
My name is Jasper and I'm the owner and Canine Trainer here at Kyno World.My love for dogs began from young age, although my knowledge for the species came a little bit later when I found out not to run away when small dogs are running after you.

What's your education?

I have followed the trainings for Cynological Instructor at the Dutch Martin Gaus Academy.

What's your favorite dog?

Obviously I have to say German Shepherd, but I'm also in love with Bernese Mountain dogs and Husky's.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Lately when I'm down I often listen to the mambo music of Lou Bega.

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